Campus Voice

I absolutely think we are ready for a black President. What we really need is a change in general. What better way to represent this change than with a person that shows everyone what America is all about – freedom and equality.
– Corey Dentler, Senior ? Chemistry

I think America is ready for a black President. With the amount of interest and support Barack Obama is getting, it seems like America is going in a new direction. There will be some people who are uncomfortable with it, but I think that’s just the minority. I’m optimistic!
– Ashley Watkins, Graduate Student ? Music Performance

Yes, I think we’re ready for a black President because he wouldn’t have made it this far if we weren’t ready!
– Tabitha Truelsch, Sophomore ? Emergency Management

As long as he’s qualified and ready to do the job, we’re ready.
– Kurtis Carey, Freshman ? Communication

Our country is more than ready for a black President. Despite the negative attitudes of narrow-minded people, it’s time for diversity in the executive office. Some people will never be ‘ready’ for a black President, and attitudes won’t change until a black President has had the opportunity to prove himself or herself in that office.
– Therese Pirie, Sophomore ? Education