Know Your UAPD

The University of Akron Police Department and How You Can Reach Them

By Meenakshi Kodati, Correspondent

It’s not uncommon to feel completely safe and at-home at The University of Akron, thanks to the warm and friendly environment on the campus. However, it won’t hurt to always be on your guard, because, let’s face it – we all know it’s not a perfect world.

Here’s The Buchtelite’s advice to all students: it’s always good to have this number on your speed dial – 330-972-2911. This is one of the quickest ways to reach The University of Akron Police Department that provides law enforcement services to the campus and the areas surrounding the University.

The UAPD works 24/7 around the year to enhance safety and mitigate crime. UAPD officers are constantly on patrol to ensure security in and around the campus.

Any time you see anything suspicious or illegal – be it drug transactions, underage drinking, vandalism or anything as such- do not hesitate to contact the police. There have been instances where anonymous tipoffs from students helped keep our campus safe.

According to the Safety at UA page of the University website, the UAPD officers arrested a man who was wanted for an aggravated burglary in August 2014 based on information provided by a student. An off-campus residence was also raided based on a tipoff from a student who suspected it to be a drug house.

The UAPD values inputs from students, so do not think twice to report anything you find suspicious. Some tipoffs can also fetch you a reward of $25 to $50.

You can submit an anonymous tip via the TipSubmit Mobile app or send a text message prefixed with ‘ZIPTIP’ to CRIMES (274637). You can also call the police or submit a web form to alert them.

You can also use the blue-light emergency phones to directly contact the UAPD. According to the Safety at UA page on the University website, there are hundreds of these phones installed across the campus at various places like pedestrian walkways, parking lots, in elevators and at building entrances.

If you feel threatened by someone or something, or have information you think can be helpful to the police, use these phones to inform the police.

Once you activate one of these phones, the blue light starts flashing, thereby signalling the nearby patrol officers of possible emergency in the area. It also helps passersby spot and report trouble in the area.

UAPD officers respond to activated emergency phones even if no words are spoken. If you are situation where you cannot speak, leave the phone activated and move to the nearest safe area until you get help. You can also activate the next emergency phone on your way to let the police know in which direction you are moving.

The UAPD also provides a number of other services in the campus. Patrol members, who are trained by University police, or police officers who are a part of their Campus Patrol’s escort service escort students to and from campus at any hour. If you are going back home late in the night or if the route you are taking is not known to be a safe one, you can contact the UAPD and avail the escort services.

You can also request UAPD to perform a free survey of your rental place. They also assist with battery jumps and vehicle lockouts. They also offer a Female Self-Defense course and a UA Safety Programs that can be availed upon request.

For most of us, things like crime seem only to happen to others- those poor souls we hear about on the news or read about in the papers. Let’s not forget that it’s just as likely that they happen to us if we are not fortunate enough. All we can do to stay away from being the victim is to stay vigilant. We hope you take a serious note of all the details mentioned above and do your part to stay safe and keep the campus safe. We hope you have a safe and secure academic year!