Art show displays UA faculty artistic talent

Walking through Folk Hall’s dimly lit main atrium, here and there the sounds of bubbles popping on the uppermost layer of a pond can be heard.

Normally, this sound would be nothing out of the ordinary, but there is one major problem with its being found in Folk: there is no pond in which this sound could be conceived.

As more and more people walk through the main hall, the sounds of the bubbles become more and more ferocious and less gentle.

Walking around, trying to find the source of this sound, you ask yourself, Where is this sound coming from?

Walking toward the center of Folk Hall and closer to the Emily Davis Gallery, the sounds of the bubbles sound the loudest. Up against a window is a television set with a camera on top, programmed to track the movements of anyone who walks past it, producing the sound of the popping bubbles, with the face of the artist who designed the piece inside of a bubble in the television set.

This is one of the many pieces artwork you will find in the Emily Davis Gallery at Folk Hall during the 2010 Faculty Art Show.

Entering the doors, you will find many floodlights clamped onto the huge ceiling, with one or two of them illuminating each of the many pieces of artwork found in the exhibition, dedicated to the faculty members at the Myers School of Art, with thirty-two faculty members whose work is on display there.

The work these people have made display with a wide array of art mediums, including ceramics, graphic design, new media, painting and drawing, photography, printmaking, metalsmithing, sculpture or a fusion of these or other types of mediums. In the end, there are close to fifty pieces of artwork on display for this show, taking up both of levels of the gallery.

The staff of the gallery was able to utilize every open area and crevice of the gallery, doing justice to the artwork and to the gallery itself, as one piece of artwork will not overshadow any other surrounding piece.

On Nov. 1, the doors of the Emily Davis Gallery opened up to the public for the exhibition, which is scheduled to close on Dec. 4.

On Thursday, Nov. 4, the reception took place, with the turnout of an estimated 200 people visiting that day, many of the spectators the faculty members who helped make the show possible, and their students to either enjoy the fruits of their mentor’s labors, or to criticize their work, just as those same mentors have done for them many times within their classrooms.

“#1.1782476:108266884.JPG:art2:Art mediums such as ceramics, graphic design, new media, painting and drawing, photography, printmaking, metalsmithing, sculpture or any combination of these were on display at the 2010 University of Akron Faculty Art Show.:John Aylward”