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UA Opens New International Center

Photo Courtesy of University Communications and Marketing

Photo Courtesy of University Communications and Marketing

Photo Courtesy of University Communications and Marketing

By Robert Barrett, Jr., Copy Editor

On Wednesday Sept. 27, The University of Akron opened The International Center. The Center is brand new and is a one-stop-shop for international students and students who are interested in studying abroad.

The Center is located in Buchtel Hall, room 202. It has four main functions: international recruitment, immigration services, education abroad advising and The Center for International Students and Scholars.

“I believe by going even more global, by having that emphasis on internationalization, our classrooms can be even more enriched,” President Wilson said at the ribbon cutting. Wilson has mentioned on several occasions the importance he places on international education, including an interview with the Buchtelite in August when discussing the state of the University.

The International Center is part of Wilson’s “Stabilize-Invest-Grow” initiative. No such center existed prior to this at Akron. “By bringing in more international students there will be more cross-cultural opportunities and different events as well,” Wilson said in an August interview.

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