Halloween Tricks and Treats


The editorial staff of The Buchtelite wishes its readers a safe and happy Halloween. (Public domain image)

Halloween can be a fun time, especially for college students. However, the holiday can also be unsafe if precautions aren’t taken. Because of this, The editors of The Buchtelite have given you some tips and advice to stay safe during the holiday. The tips range from drinking alcohol safely to pumpkin carving tips.

Brooklyn Dennison, Editor-in-Chief

Amateure Special Effects Makeup Tips

Halloween may be everyone’s favorite time to dress up and become your favorite horror monster, tv character or pop culture icon. When you are transforming into character, you should be aware that costume preparation is an important aspect of the celebration.

Most costumes just consist of clothing items, but if you want to take it to the next level, you may want to put on special effects makeup. For instance, you may want to transform your face into that of a zombie or put on a cool scar prosthetic for a pirate costume. Some of this requires planning because there are multiple mediums you can work with- you just have to decide what works best for you.

My go-to for special effects makeup is liquid latex. It is cheap, easy to work with and you are able to create many looks with it. However, depending on the brand, it has a strong ammonia smell and it is not easy to remove so it may not be suitable for sensitive skin. An alternative to liquid latex is silicone makeup, such as 3rd Degree, which can be modeled into a mold or put directly onto the skin. 3rd Degree, like liquid latex, does not smell nice, but it may be easier on the skin than liquid latex. There is more preparation with silicone makeup though. It has to be heated before it’s applied. Because of this, you need to make sure it cools to a comfortable temperature before it’s put on the skin.

If you don’t want to bother with liquid latex or silicone makeup, you could buy special effects prosthetics and apply them with an adhesive. Common special effects adhesives are spirit gum or Prose-Aid. There are also generic adhesives that brands carry. Whatever adhesive you decide on using, make sure you have the proper remover. Adhesives may not easily come off with soap and water. It is also important that you don’t use a glue that is not made for adhesives. Using other glues may harm the skin or won’t allow the prosthetic to stick.

Lastly, once you put on your special effects medium, you may want to paint it to give it some color. This can be done with beauty makeup, body paint, cream paint, or alcohol activated paint. Alcohol activated paint has to be activated with 99 percent alcohol to work. Because of this, you do not want to use them around your eyes.

Whatever products you use this Halloween, make sure you always test them on a little patch of your skin before applying them to your face or another large area to make sure you won’t have a bad reaction to your product. Have a fun Halloween and use your special effects makeup wisely. You don’t want to turn what may be the most fun day of the year into a trip to the hospital.

Jake Herron, Online Editor

Spooky Films

What’s Halloween without some scary movies? Whether you’re into those Halloween classics or today’s epic horrors, here’s some freaky flicks to help get you ready for the big day:

This 1978 classic tells the story of Michael Myers, an all-around holiday favorite, who returns to the town of Haddonfield to wreak havoc once again after being locked away for the past fifteen years for the murder of his own sister.

The Conjuring
A family’s life is turned upside-down thanks to a ghostly presence in their home. Will the minds of paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren be able to track it down?

When you have mice running around, you call an exterminator. But who do you call when you have a ghost problem? Three parapsychology professors team up to help rid the world of these spooky pests.

The Sixth Sense
A child psychologist has his work cut out for him when he encounters a child who has been communicating with the spirits of those who don’t even realize they’re dead.

Will you be able to sleep soundly after watching these horrors? There’s only one way to find out.

Sala Wier, Copy Editor

Keep Your Kitties Inside on Halloween

Have you ever heard of the superstition surrounding black cats on Halloween? According to stories from the Middle Ages, black cats were often thought to be witches and thus bad luck. It was also thought to be extremely unlucky to see a black cat on Halloween, or have one cross your path. Because of these superstitions, many people would harm black cats. This is important to keep in mind as Halloween approaches this year. If you normally let your cat outside, you should keep it in for the night. Your kitty will appreciate the thought, especially if you give it some treats to go along with its tricks.

Robert Barrett, Jr., Copy Editor

Celebrate Smart

My advice for readers this Halloween is to make a plan for your weekend or night and stick to it. This ranges from costume planning, party planning, and even transportation. I made the mistake of ordering my costume at the last minute, don’t forget to have yours before it’s too late! Going to a party? Be sure to plan how you’re getting there, how you’re getting back and who you’re going with. This can help avoid drinking and driving, long walks home late at night and other undesirable situations. The buddy system is a great policy for Halloween weekend, don’t go anywhere alone and don’t leave anyone alone. Finally, it is sad that we live in a society where we have to use this phrase but, if you didn’t pour it (or didn’t watch your drink get poured) don’t drink it. We would like to not have to put this burden on innocent people, but requiring individuals to not drug others has not been proven effective. The goal of a great college Halloween is for everyone to have a good time while still being safe.

Erika Newcome, Sports, Arts and Entertainment Editor 

Pumpkin Carving Tips, Tricks and Techniques

It’s the time of year to visit your favorite pumpkin patch and pick your perfect little pumpkin. When picking out your pumpkin, it’s important to identify a pumpkin with a green stem and a non-squishy bottom. The greener the stem, the fresher the pumpkin is. If you’re anything like myself, you’ll want to find a pumpkin that will stay fresh for longer than a few days.

After purchasing your pumpkin, you have to decide how you are going to decorate it. Are you going to bedazzle, carve, or paint your masterpiece? If you want to behead the pumpkin, you can cut it at an angle and it will prevent the top from falling in. Once you’ve beheaded your pumpkin you can use either an ice cream scooper or large metal spoon to remove the pumpkin seeds.

Many have found that linoleum cutters are the best for carving, however, I’ve found that just about any knife works just fine. When you’ve finished carving your pumpkin choose a bathroom cleaner or add a teaspoon of bleach per gallon water and spray the pumpkin with the cleaner. Spraying the pumpkin prevents the pumpkin from drying out, and it will also keep the bugs and mold away (for the best results repeat daily).

Trick: If you want the inside of your pumpkin to smell like a pumpkin pie, sprinkle a little bit of cinnamon on the inside after removing the seeds.

Brianna Cramer, Social Media Editor

Drinking Safely

If you plan on going out for Halloween make sure you have a reliable way to your destination and back. Everyone knows the dangers of drinking and driving and has been lectured about it, but it’s such a serious thing that it needs to be reiterated.

Make sure you have designated driver who is reliable, keep your phone charged so you can get an Uber or Lyft, or utilize the Roo Express. Too many people lose their lives and put others at risk because they’re irresponsible and they get behind the wheel while intoxicated, don’t be one of those people.

Happy Halloween from The Buchtelite!