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Indian Student Association Hosts Another Successful Diwali Celebration

Models during the Indian Fashion walk.

Models during the Indian Fashion walk.

Emily Bower

Emily Bower

Models during the Indian Fashion walk.

By Emily Bower

This past Sunday, Nov. 5, the Indian Student Association hosted a Diwali celebration that was open to all of campus. The event was a marathon of traditional Indian dances, traditional Indian songs, Bollywood songs, Indian dancing mixed with modern day pop songs, and a fashion walk. Many typical Indian dishes were served to attendees and the evening ended in a huge dance party.

Diwali is the Hindu celebration of lights. The five-day festival is typically celebrated by firework displays, by lighting candles, and by decorating houses to commemorate good triumphing evil as told the lore surrounding Diwali. In addition to introducing students unfamiliar with the celebration to a new culture, this event gave some international students a taste of home.  

“We feel that everyone at the University is our family so we always welcome them to our events, because if you can learn about delicious food and festivals and make friends then life is easy,”  Ashish Akula, president of the Indian Student Association, said.

Welcoming is certainly one word that could be used to describe this event. All of the attendees, both American and international, l were welcomed with open arms. Indian students graciously explained many customs to those at the event who were not as familiar with the culture and traditions. Students unfamiliar with Indian culture attempted to learn Indian dance moves and great fun and learning was had by all.

To learn more about the Indian Student Association visit their OrgSync webpage.

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