Culinary Artists Club Practices Ice Carving Skills

By Celeste Houmard, Arts and Entertainment Contributor

You may recognize the Culinary Artists Club here on campus because of their yearly ice sculptures that come out by the Student Union every winter. But that’s not all that this club does.

The Culinary Artist’s Club is an artist and professional club that provides a way for hospitality students to learn about the industry. Hannah Hall, a fifth-year Organizational Supervision Major here at the University, said this club “provides students with the ability to learn crafts of the industry and interact with individuals who are already in the industry.”

Although the club is well known on campus because of their ice sculptures mentioned above, sadly,  UA no longer provides the funding for that event. But, Hall said, “the carving club competes in a wide variety of Fall/Winter festivals as well as Zehender’s Ice Fest” (a collegiate Olympic Ice Carving Competition).

Students on the Ice Carving Team, coached by Brad Smith, create the sculptures with electric chainsaws, drills with multiple attachments, a hand saw, irons, and sheets of aluminum and it can take anywhere between 2-4 hours to create each one.

Although the Ice Sculpture event no longer takes place in the Student Union, the team practices behind Gallucci Hall and you can check them out there. “Last year I carved a seahorse, a reindeer, a penguin, a swan, a horse, and collaborated with the ice carving team on with a 19-piece geometric abstract piece called “Shape it Up,” Hannah Hall said.

Any UA student can join the Culinary Artists club and the Ice Sculpting Team. For more information, check out the bulletin boards in Gallucci Hall.