How to Stay Sane During Finals Week

By Sala Wier, Copy Editor

 Finals Week. These two words are sure to make every college student’s heart race. It’s the time of the semester where students scurry to solidify their grades. The University of Akron’s finals week starts Dec. 11 and ends Dec. 15. Finals week can be a rough time for college students. Nonstop studying, lack of sleep, a bad appetite and probably some tears are sure to consume finals week. But, it is important for students to remember to breathe.

Finals are important, but so are you. In between studying, students must remember to take care of themselves. There is only so much coffee one can consume during finals week. Your body needs plenty of sleep and food to fuel all of the studying and cramming. If you feel yourself starting to get stressed, take a step back. Cramming isn’t always the best way to study, instead, try studying in sections. Create study groups with your peers because sometimes it helps to have other brains working with you. Bierce Library has extended hours during finals week, which is a good place for students to form study groups. Bierce will also have therapy dogs visiting during finals week, along with donuts and coffee on a first come first serve basis. For more information, students can visit their website.

It is important for students to know their grades before taking their finals. You can talk to your instructors or professors to see where you are at in the class, or check your grades on Brightspace. Knowing your grade in the class before finals week will help when taking into consideration how much and how hard you should study. Also, students should be aware of their exam schedules. Most professors will list the date and time on their syllabus, but some won’t. Students can check their exam schedules by logging on to their MyAkron accounts, clicking on Student Center and choosing the drop-down for Exam Schedules.  

An important factor to keep in mind during this week is that it will be over soon enough. Finals week will fly by and then students will have a whole month to relax and spend time with their friends and family. You can make it!