The University of Akron’s USG Connects Students Near, Far

By Brooklyn Dennison, Editor-in-Chief

The undergraduate student government at The University of Akron has had, arguably, a busy semester connecting and communicating with students.

On Oct. 25, the USG hosted the Student Leadership Summit where 120 student leaders congregated to discuss overcoming challenges in the community and Uniting UA.

In fact, the event kicked off with a large discussion about Uniting UA, Taylor Bennington, the president of USG, said. Uniting UA is an initiative that allows multiple student organizations to work together to create an event that will benefit the community.

Bennington said the leadership summit was historic in that there had never been a larger calling of student leaders at the University.

As part of the Uniting UA vision, USG focused on several other initiatives on campus.

One of them was Akron Go Day. Bennington said members of USG were available in eight different locations on campus in one day. They were able to touch base with hundreds of students, Bennington said.

Another initiative was called “Tabling with Taylor,” where USG President Bennington went around campus every week and made himself available to the student body.

Andrew Barry, the vice president of USG, said members of USG plan to reach out to students more, especially students who have classes on the west side of campus who may feel disconnected.

Not only did USG make connections with students on the main campus, they also reached out to students at the Wayne campus, a branch of the main campus, for the first time in USG history.

Bennington said a current challenge of the USG is deciding how to connect the branch and satellite campuses to USG.

A solution might be offering a USG senator or cabinet position to a student at the Wayne campus to serve as a representative of Wayne, Bennington said.

This semester, USG focused on student involvement and outreach. Next semester students can most likely expect the similar things.

“It’s been a great semester. We are looking forward to the Spring; the best is yet to come,” Bennington said.