Calling All Professors


The University of Akron’s Ballroom Dance Team gathers at their recent competition at The Ohio State University. (Photo courtesy of Christine Reese)

By Erika Newcome, Sports, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Forget Dancing with the Stars, The University of Akron’s Ballroom Dance team is hosting Dancing with the Professor’s on Monday, Apr. 9.  

Eight professors with the most amount of nominations will be given a lesson by UA’s Ballroom Dance Club at the University!

“Our club has been talking about putting on this event for a couple of years. This is the semester we’ve finally decided to act on it, and hopefully, all goes well. The dancing will surely be worth it,” said Louis Orehek President of Akron’s Ballroom Dance Team.

Have a professor in mind? Be sure to nominate him or her before polls close on Thursday, Mar. 1 on this website.

Dancing with the Professors will be hosted on Mon, Apr. 9 from 7 p.m. – 9 p.m. in UA’s Student Union Ballroom. Tickets will be sold in prior to this event for $5, or at the door for $7. All proceeds raised from this event will be donated to a charity of the team’s choice.