Rock Mill Hosts Ladies’ Night to Invite Women to Climbing Community

Women attending the Ladies’ Night event.

By Emily Bower, Special Editions Editor

On Saturday, March 10, the Rock Mill, located on Carroll Street, hosted their second Ladies’ Night. The goal of this event was to introduce women to the world of rock climbing and to get them excited about the sport.

The event was held after the Rock Mill’s normal closing time on Saturday, and only women were invited to attend. “The idea behind Ladies’ Night is to just give women an opportunity to come and try out climbing in a less intimidating space and to really experience the community of women climbers that we already have here. It’s so awesome to me to see our members who come to this event just to share their love of climbing with the women who are experiencing it for the first time,” Liz Yokum, Co-Founder of the Rock Mill, said.

While the event was mainly focused on having its attendees free climb for the majority of the time there was also a group yoga warm-up at the beginning of the event and some of the more seasoned Rock Mill climbers offered demonstrations of how to climb certain routes on the wall. Seasoned climbers also gave tips to new climbers regarding technique and the best way to go about climbing routes.

The Rock Mill offers climbing options for climbers who are just learning the sport or for those who have been climbing for years. The Rock Mill also offers yoga classes and a fitness room where patrons can train and take more traditional fitness classes.

For any UA students who may be interested in paying a visit to the Rock Mill and learning more about the world of rock climbing, the Rock Mill offers college nights on the first Friday of every month. At this event, college students can try climbing at the Rock Mill for just $10. To learn more about the Rock MilEl and other events they have, please visit their website.