Making the Most of Spring Break

Our Editorial Staff Shares Their Ideal Spring Break Fun for You and Your Friends


Jake Herron

The Sun sets behind the Times Square Pier at Fort Myers Beach.

Spring Break is a time of fun and relaxation for college students across the nation. Here are some ways our Editorial Staff likes to spend the week.

Self Care Spring Break

Brooklyn Dennison
[email protected]

For some, Spring Break is a time for excitement and travel, for others, it’s a time to stay home and relax. If you are one of the latter, like me, you can spend your relaxation time on self-care and literal and figurative housekeeping.

You can partake in self-care by making doctor’s appointments you may have been avoiding or take the time to give your body rest. If you have a chronic illness or mental illness, spring break is a great time to catch up on sleep and give your body what it needs to kickstart it for the rest of the semester.

If you have the energy to do more, you can move on to bigger tasks such as cleaning or catching up on homework. Being a college student can be difficult. Because of this, there is no shame in taking spring break to recover from the strain of school instead of going on an adventure.


The Great Escape

Jake Herron
Online Editor
[email protected]

My Spring Break entails a trip to my homeland of Fort Myers, Florida where the sun is bright and the air is warm. I have many traditions I pack into the week that I am there.

A great daytime activity is watching the Red Sox during Spring Training. Their stadium in Fort Myers has the exact field dimensions as Fenway Park, so that means catching some rays atop the Green Monster.

A few more great places to visit are the winter homes of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford. Yes, these two great inventors were neighbors in Fort Myers where they shared views of the Caloosahatchee River. Today, the combined property and botanical gardens are open to the public.

However, most of my time here is spent on the island of Fort Myers Beach. It’s the perfect place to unwind and forget about the rest of the world. Even after relaxing in the sand all day, there is still plenty to do at night. Soon after the sun sets, entertainers take the stage at Times Square and show off some really interesting performances. Plenty of bars and fine restaurants are packed into the tiny island, so you’re never short of a treat. The best way to end my time here involves standing at the end of the pier, feeling the sea breeze and reflecting on the goodness of life

Road Trip Tips

Sala Wier
Copy Editor
[email protected]

During Spring Break, college students tend to flock south to warmer climates. But, not me! Road tripping to New York to visit family is one of my favorite things to do during spring break.

This year, I am driving seven hours with my boyfriend and sister to see family then explore the city. With a road trip this long, there are some essentials that we’ll be picking up.

An aux cord is a must because nobody wants to drive in silence. Somebody you’re traveling with can even make a playlist on their phone for everyone to listen to. But, you should also bring headphones in case you want to listen to your own music or watch a video.

Make sure you stock up on snacks and drinks for the drive because you know you’ll get the munchies. Wearing comfy clothes is great for a road trip, especially during such a long one. Also, bring a pillow and blanket since sleeping is the quickest way to pass the time.

Make sure you bring a charger for your phone since you’re bound to be on it a lot. Most importantly, make sure to get along with who you’re traveling with and make the best out of any situation.

Get Ahead!

Robert Barrett, Jr.
Copy Editor
[email protected]

If you are not able to travel during Spring Break, asking your summer employer if you are able to come back for a week is a great option. It may not seem like much at first, but four or even five days’ pay can make a difference in the final stretch of the semester. This is also a great way to get ahead on training for a summer job.

Don’t have anywhere to work over spring break? No problem. Spring break is a great opportunity to work on academic projects at your own pace. Without defeating the purpose of having a break from school, working on a project now, at your own pace, could be better in the long run than trying to cram it in before finals week.

Alternative Outdoor Options For Spring Break 2018

Erika Newcome
Sports, Arts and Entertainment Editor
[email protected]

No extra money to get away during this Spring Break? That’s no problem in Northeastern Ohio. Get outside and discover all kinds of hiking trails, free of charge.

Located nearby is Cuyahoga Valley National Park, an especially great place to hike alongside waterfalls and discover native plants and wildlife. I personally love to hike the Ohio and Erie Towpath Trail whenever I visit Cuyahoga Valley National Park.  

Just under an hour away, in Kirtland, Ohio is Holden Arboretum one of the largest arboreta and botanical gardens in the United States. When visiting the Arboretum, I highly recommend touring the Tower and Canopy Walkway. The walkway is located 65 ft above the forest floor, and on a clear day you can see all the way to Lake Erie, and it is absolutely astonishing. Tickets are $10 and available at the door, the Arboretum also offers student discounts with a valid student ID.

Binge-Worthy Netflix Shows

Brianna Cramer
Social Media Editor
[email protected]

I know that for me, a break from school means not only catching up on sleep but also lounging around and watching Netflix.

Here are a few ideas for shows that are available on Netflix that don’t have an insane amount of episodes and are binge-worthy:

  • Jessica Jones – 2 seasons
  • Mindhunter – 1 season
  • The OA – 1 season
  • Ozark – 1 season
  • The Good Place – 1 season
  • One Day at a Time – 2 seasons
  • Santa Clarita Diet – 1 season (Season 2 available March 23)
  • Dark – 1 season

The Buchtelite wishes everyone a safe, fun and relaxing Spring Break!