Akron Zoo Welcomes Two Baby Animals

Almost one month since the naming contest began, the Akron Zoo announced the names of their new Humboldt Penguin and Siberian Musk Deer.


Amanda Piekarz

Doug Piekarz, President and CEO of the Akron Zoo (left), Senior Wildlife Keeper Vicky Croisant (center) and Grace Wakulchik, President of Akron Children’s Hospital (right), present Rico, the Humboldt Penguin and Alina, the Siberian Musk Deer, to the public.

By Amanda Piekarz, Arts and Entertainment Editor

On Aug. 24, 2018, the Akron Zoo introduced and announced the publicly-voted names for their two new babies during a naming ceremony.

Akron Children’s Hospital sponsored the “Oh Deer! Waddle We Name Them?” contest in order to give the public a say in naming a baby Humboldt Penguin and a Siberian Musk Deer fawn.

Amanda Piekarz
Piekarz (left) and Wakulchik (right) lift a tablecloth to reveal the names most voted for in the baby naming contest.

Before the contest began, the Akron Zoo’s animal care and education staff made a short list of potential names. Once the list of names was approved, the public was invited to vote from July 24 to Aug. 8 for the name they believed best represented each infant.

Through the use of several social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, the zoo was able to share the naming contest.

After all the votes were counted, the zoo announced that the names chosen by the public were Rico for the Humboldt Penguin (hatched on June 1) and Alina for the Siberian Musk Deer fawn (born on June 13).

Amanda Piekarz
Senior Wild Animal Keeper Croisant introduces Rico, the Humboldt Penguin, during the naming ceremony.

According to the Akron Zoo’s website, “both babies have made their public debut and are now in their respective habitats daily.”

Amanda Piekarz
Alina, the Siberian Musk Deer, rests in her habitat at the Akron Zoo.

Founded in 1953, the zoo began as a small community children’s zoo. Throughout the years, it has grown to house hundreds of different animal species from all over the world, the website said

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Many events will be happening at the Akron Zoo: including Brew at the Zoo Halloween Bash for adults, Boo at the Zoo for children and other Halloween-themed events. Also keep an eye out for Wild Lights, the Akron Zoo’s hit holiday light show.

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