Professor to Speak on Sexual Identity in Horror Movies

Using modern horror films and historical context, this presentation will help students gain an understanding about the representation of gender and sexuality in the horror genre.

By Amanda Piekarz, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Dr. Kara Kvaran, Associate Professor in the Women’s Studies department, is hosting “Female Sexuality in 21st Century Horror Films” on Friday, Sept 14 from 12-1 p.m. in room 316 of the Student Union.

This talk examines the history of female sexuality in horror films and how they have evolved to reflect predominant sexual mores and values of American society.” Dr. Kvaran said. “It will offer an in-depth look at how female sexuality in horror films has changed in the new millennium.”

Megan Parker
A flyer advertises the event in Kolbe Hall.

During the presentation, Dr. Kvaran will examine historical materials and modern horror films that show issues of gender and sexuality to help students better understand the films.

According to the women’s studies webpage, this presentation is part of an ongoing event where feminist speakers across The University of Akron and surrounding institutions present research in the “Rethinking Gender Series 2018-2019”.

This presentation will give students the chance to meet with fellow horror movie enthusiasts and feminists to discuss and theorize on sexual identity in various horror movies of the 21 century.

“This talk will examine how these new films function within a genre that has often positioned female sexuality as a site of terror and violence against women as spectacle,” Dr. Kvaran said.