Editor’s Note: Clarification

I would like to comment on the recent editorial The Buchtelite published, “UA Board of Trustees Making Decisions Based on Their Own Interests, Not the Students.’”

In the eighth paragraph, there was a statement that read:

“Most students do not attend UA because it was their first choice. They attend this school because it is close to home, affordable, and gives out degrees that have value.”

I would like to clarify the intent behind this message. The intent was not to insult current and potential Akron students. Members of The Buchtelite appreciate UA and enjoy participating in school spirit.

The intent was to show that UA is a school that gives many opportunities to the community. Akron is not the most prosperous community and it’s younger citizens may not be able to afford a University that is their dream, such as an Ivy League school. The University of Akron allows these students to get a degree that has value without having to pay the price of an elite university.

We at The Buchtelite are proud to be a part of the Zip family an we want the best for our campus community.