Submissions for The AshBelt Open in November

Students can submit various creative writing works to The University of Akron’s undergraduate literary journal for possible publication.


The cover of the 2018 edition of the AshBelt. (Photo courtesy of the AshBelt).

By Amanda Piekarz, Arts & Entertainment Editor

The AshBelt, the Literary Journal at The University of Akron, will begin accepting creative writing submissions from any and all UA undergraduates in November until Feb. 1, 2019.

A student does not need to have a major in English to submit a piece as submissions from all majors are welcome. The only requirement, according to the AshBelt’s website, is the student must be a currently registered UA undergraduate.

Erin Siegferth, the current Editor-in-Chief of The AshBelt, hopes that the literary journal can be used as a way to give students and potential writers a way to experience the publishing world first hand while representing the campus community.

“We want AshBelt to represent all of The University of Akron’s undergraduate community,” Siegferth said. “A diverse representation of voices is the goal.”

Fiction, flash fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry and scripts are the different types of works accepted by the AshBelt. Editors ask authors to send their submissions in by email, which are provided on their website.

For fiction, creative nonfiction pieces and scripts, the requirements include double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman text and should not be over 2,000 words.

The requirements for flash fiction pieces include also include double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman text. However, up to three pieces can be submitted with a 500 word limit each.

Lastly, poetry requirements include single-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman text. Up to five poems can be submitted with a two-page per poem limit each.

When a story is chosen to be published, the author is given a contract to fill out and return and is asked to write a small biography to go in the back of The AshBelt.

Since this may be the first time some writers are published and asked to write a biography, it is an exciting process to witness, Siegferth said.

“Seeing your own story, poem, or script printed in a physical book can be so affirming,” Siegferth said. “I love being a part of AshBelt because we get to make that happen.”

What makes The AshBelt stand out is its resemblance to “a valuable time capsule—a way to preserve this moment and this class of students,” Siegferth said.

Two professors helped The AshBelt become the successful journal it is today, according to Siegferth.

The first is Eric Wasserman, the founder and current advisor for The AshBelt as well as an associate of professor in the English department.

Dr. Jon Miller, a professor in the English department and Director of the UA Press, is the second as he has provided a lot of help to the editors and journal as a whole.

Free copies of the 2018 edition of The AshBelt are available in the English Department in Olin Hall 301.

Any and all questions regarding submissions and publishing can be directed toward Erin Siegferth at [email protected].