(Image via Pixabay)

By Angel Gulyas, Guest Poet

I close my eyes and breathe deeply.
The lavender, the grass, the lilies, everything.
The wind blows gently across it making it dance,
Rippling the tall grass as it goes and blowing my hair along with it.

It is peaceful here. My meadow. Quiet. Magical.
As if a unicorn were to step out from between the trees,
Or a fairy were to fly right past me.
I close my eyes and listen. I hear everything.
The water in a nearby stream along with birds singing songs.
The squirrels in the trees, chasing each other while they
Rustle the leaves.

The grass is soft beneath me,
Like a bed of feathers. A cloud even.
I never wish to leave. It feels like heaven.
Heaven on Earth, I found it.

No troubles follow me here.
Those are for the real world,
Not here. Here is safe.

I breathe deep.