Five-Star Friday Opinions From Fellow UA Students

Among the students asked, many were positive about the initiative.


Brooklyn Dennison

A few students spend time in the Taber Student Union.

By Brooklyn Dennison, Editor-in-Chief

Nearing the end for the school semester, The Buchtelite asked several University of Akron students their opinions about Five-Star Fridays.

Five-Star Fridays is an initiative implemented by former UA president, Matthew Wilson, that shortened the school week for most students to four days. The initiative was meant to allow students to use Fridays for extracurriculars and internship opportunities.

Alizabeth Christian

Post-Baccalaureate Geology Major
President, Muslim Students Association

When asked what she thinks about Five-Star Fridays, Christian said she appreciates that the initiative gives her time to catch up on her studies and allows her to schedule meetings with her professors.

However, Christian also said she thinks that it places stress on teachers and students to learn more information within a compacted block of time. This makes learning difficult material more intense, she said and takes a toll on their attention

“Realistically, from my experience, students’ attention spans tend to be lost within these longer class times,” Christian said.

Overall, though, Christain said it is successful and appreciated by most students.

Sonia Potter

Senior English Major
President, Upstart Crows

Potter said Five-Star Fridays has been a bit of an adjustment, but she still really appreciates it. She mentions that the initiative has personally been useful to her because she has an internship this semester.

“If we had classes on Fridays, it would be much more difficult for me to schedule all my obligations,” Potter said.

Sarah Pack

Senior Psychology Major

Five-Star Fridays have not affected her studies at all, Pack said, but rather how she manages time.

Pack said she notices there are more people on campus during prime times of the day, like noon, that makes the campus too congested. To find parking, Pack said she has to arrive to campus earlier than usual.

For instance, Pack said during the first week of classes she got to campus 30 minutes before her class started and still had trouble finding adequate parking and getting to class on time.

Pack said it’s a nice idea but she doesn’t think it works well for the University.

Bryon Dickon

English Literature Graduate Student

Dickon said that Five-Star Friday’s does not affect him personally, but he has concerns about the workload undergraduate students receive.

Because students have an extra day off, their professors might see that as a reason to give them extra homework, Dickon said.

Dickon said he has heard complaints from students about being given extra homework, but can’t speak for those students.

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