Pink Gloves Boxing at UA Offers Community, Fitness to Empower Women

This female-focused boxing program aims to give women a place where they can enjoy exercising while increasing their self-confidence.


(Image via SRWC)

Women of all ages are able to register for the program.

By Megan Parker, Copy Editor

Pink Gloves Boxing is being offered for the fifth semester through the Student Recreation and Wellness Center from Jan. 28 to April 13 to help empower women and give them a new kind of workout.

According to their 
website, Pink Gloves Boxing is a unique fitness program that focuses on social and emotional improvements along with a non-contact workout.

“Pink Gloves Boxing is a fitness program that delivers an amazing workout and an emotionally rewarding experience to small communities of powerful women,” the website said.

The ten-week program runs from Jan. 28 to April 13 with no classes during spring break and meets twice a week with the same instructor.

The classes are taught in small groups to allow for one-on-one time with the trainer and cover different topics such as shadow boxing, footwork, and punching bags.

(Image via Pink Gloves Boxing)
One of the goals of the program is to have women support each other instead of comparing themselves to one another.

Angie Gowan, the Manager of Fitness and Wellness, said the program has been successful in the past in empowering women through the three core values of community, fun and achievement.

“We’ve done a lot of surveys and we’ve been able to see an increase in relieving stress, feeling more confident, feeling like they’re more a part of The University of Akron and that they belong,” Gowan said.

There are a total of five tiers in the program. Those just starting must register in the Tier One classes, which are offered the most by the rec center, according to their 

Registration for the Pink Gloves Boxing classes ends on Friday, Jan. 25. Information for registration and fees can all be found on the Rec Center’s 

“You have nothing to lose by trying it,” Gowan said. “There’s something for everyone from a beginner all the way up to level five.”