A Guide to Galentine’s Day

The day before Valentine’s Day, often referred to as Galentine’s Day, is a great excuse to get together with friends.


Sala Wier

Copy Editor, Sala Wier (left) and her “gal-pals” celebrating their friendship.

By Sala Wier, Copy Editor

Almost everybody is probably familiar with Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14, where you spend time with your significant other and spoil them with love and affection. But, most people probably don’t pay any attention to the day before.

Feb. 13, sometimes referred to as Galentine’s Day, is a day to get together with your friends and show them some love and affection for a change.

In 2010, fictional character Leslie Knope from NBC’s 
Parks and Recreation introduced this idea by hosting a brunch on Galentine’s Day.

“Ladies celebrating ladies,” Knope said in the episode.

Since then, Galentine’s Day is no longer considered to be a “micro-holiday.” Many other micro-holidays have started on television shows too and have become commonly celebrated, such as Festivus or Friendsgiving.

“I honestly think it’s pretty sweet just to show your affection for somebody and just to show love for anybody,” psychology major, Chase Sutherland, said. Which is exactly what Galentine’s Day offers for platonic friendships.

One thing that’s great for any celebration is pizza. After realizing that Galentine’s Day is on a Wednesday this year, UA student Elizabeth said she plans to get a $5.99 pizza from 
EuroGyro and bring it to her friend’s for movie night.

Another Akron-staple that is a good place to gather on Galentine’s Day is 
Trecaso’s Mary Coyle, where they have ice cream showboats and banana bowls big enough for all your friends to share. You and your friends could also get to some of the homemade chocolates available for purchase.

“In a world where we are constantly moving, it’s kind of nice to have a day dedicated to the people we care about,” Ashlynn Rodgers, a media studies major said.