Students Audition to Be Next Zippy


Jake Herron

Zippy, the official UA mascot, holds a copy of The Buchtelite.

By Bri Hayes, ZTV Reporter | Lights, Camera, Akron!

On Wednesday, Feb. 13 The University of Akron held Zippy tryouts where students lined the halls of InfoCision Stadium to see if they would make a perfect fit as our honorable, Zippy.


ZTV’s Lights, Camera, Akron! had the opportunity to speak with Kristi Reese, Associate Director of Alumni Relations at UA.


Reese spoke about all the preparation and hard work that goes on behind the scenes and also told Hayes many interesting facts about Zippy that are unknown to the public.


“Zippy is majoring in Public Relations because she is the face of Akron to the public, so it’s only right that she majors in Public Relations,” Reese said.


Another fact about Zippy that many may not know is that when she was declared the official mascot of the University on May 1, 1953, people figured she was a male kangaroo.


It wasn’t until about 15 years into the beloved mascot’s existence that an observant student exclaimed, “Zippy has a pouch!”


It was then that they realized Zippy was actually a female kangaroo.


Zippy, just like every animal, has a favorite food. Hers happens to be stadium hotdogs. When Zippy gets bored, she loves to jam to her favorite song, Akron Blue & Gold.


If you or someone you know is interested in trying out to be the honorable Zippy and wants to know when the next tryout session will be held, contact Kristi Reese at 330-972-8067 or [email protected].