New Roo Weekend Kicks Off Fall 2019 Semester

First year students were able to get motivated for the new school year through several events and activities across campus.

 Students enjoying games at Lock 3 during the Fall in Love with Akron Fest.

Veronica Janosek

Students enjoying games at Lock 3 during the Fall in Love with Akron Fest.

By Veronica Janosek, News & Sports Editor

The University of Akron kicked off the Fall 2019 semester for incoming first year students through a variety of events and activities at New Roo Weekend.

While there were many activities involved, a few of the main events included: the walk to Downtown Akron, the First Year Speaker, Fall in Love with Akron Fest and a showcase of the student organizations on campus.

Saturday morning, Aug. 24, started as the first year students met with “Troop” Leaders to tour campus and get to know their fellow classmates.

Nick Targosky, a second year Troop Leader said, “Kangaroos, when in a group are called a troop. And now we have all these new roos around so that’s why we are Troop Leaders.”  

Veronica Janosek
First year students walking to the Akron Civic Theatre.

After a morning full of making friends and learning more about their new home here at UA, all the participants made their way to the Akron Civic Theatre to hear the First Year Speaker.

Jon Vroman, this years First Year Speaker and author of
Living the College Life in the Front Row and The Front Row Factor, told stories of others who went through college and ways students could make the most of their own experience.

Veronica Janosek
Students celebrating the start of their first year as a Zip with Jon Vroman.

Once Vroman finished giving students some motivation for the upcoming semester, the Fall in Love with Akron Fest began in Lock 3 with various activities such as inflatables, games and food trucks.

Many of the first year students were excited about all Lock 3 had to offer and all the advice their Troop Leaders were giving throughout the entire weekend.

Kailyn Butler, another Troop Leader during New Roo Weekend, said her main piece of advice to first year students is to take advantage of all the resources available on campus.

Veronica Janosek
Kailyn Butler (Ieft) with a fellow Troop Leader in their bright pink shirts.

Festivities continued through the next day at Roo Fest, which showcased many of the student organizations at the University.

First year student Jon Touma said one of the reasons he came to UA was specifically for the student organizations he had been a part of throughout high school.

“I was very involved in a competition based organization for those interested in marketing, finance, hospitality and management… and now I’m really excited to participate at the collegiate level,” Touma said.

Chaudralyn Bell, another first year student, said she had been excited for the variety of extracurricular activities that were available throughout campus.

Overall, many of the students who attended enjoyed themselves at the New Roo Weekend festivities.