Students Share Experiences, Advice after Start of New Semester

UA students share their experiences during the first weeks of classes and give some advice to students.


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One popular spot for students at UA is the Jean Hower Taber Student Union.

By Katie Shuber, News Contributor

With two weeks of the Fall 2019 semester complete, students at UA are sharing their advice for new students based on a variety of different experiences during these first weeks of classes.

Jaquie McAninch, a junior business administration major, said while her first week did not go as planned, the second was better as she settled into a routine. McAninch also said talking with her grandmother over the phone helped her to adjust.

Along with working toward her undergraduate degree, McAninch works at a salon outside of school and even hopes of opening her own one day.

Through handling all her classes and working outside of school, McAninch has learned great time management skills and recommends this to others in order to keep from becoming extremely overwhelmed.

Katie Shuber
Jaquie McAninch originally transferred to The University of Akron from a school in Georgia.

“I filled up my time and never took a break and that’s the worst thing, because then you run yourself to the bone,” McAninch said.

Finding a good balance between class requirements and work is a task that several students at UA are attempting to figure out.

Katie Shuber
Ben Gallardo is keeping his options open in terms of a specialization within his English major.

Ben Gallardo, a second-year English major, said the first week back to classes had him developing a new routine for managing homework and employment.

As Gallardo is spending this semester finishing up his general education requirements, he suggests that future students study prior to taking placement tests in order to save time and money on classes.

Peter Kosegi, who is beginning his first year of his Ph.D. program in Chemistry, said his time at Akron has been going well so far.

Originally from Kenya, Kosegi earned his undergraduate degree from a college in upstate New York before coming to Akron to earn his Ph.D.

Katie Shuber
Currently, Peter Kosegi is working as a teaching assistant, mostly in the Chemistry labs on campus.

Kosegi plans on staying here in the midwest as a teacher or to work in a field related to Chemistry when he graduates.

In terms of advice to students at UA, Kosegi said it is important for students to do something they love during college in order for it to be more enjoyable.

“If you’re coming to school every day and you don’t like it, then you’re just wasting your time and it’s going to be harder for you,” Kosegi said.