Several Study Abroad Opportunities Available to UA Students

There are four different programs students can choose to participate in for a unique learning experience.


(Image via Elena Ewing)

Elena Ewing during her trip to Spain to finish her Spanish minor.

By Connor VanMaele, Guest Writer

Studying in another country doesn’t have to be just a dream at The University of Akron, with the Education Abroad Office.

Education Abroad is a service that allows students to spend time in a foreign country of their choice while also earning credits for their degree. This gives students the ability to learn their subject of choice in a different culture and environment, allowing them to have experiences unlike anything at home.

Emily Salopeck, an alumni from The University of Akron, said studying abroad was a great experience as it showed another culture and gave her the chance to meet new people from different backgrounds.

According to the UA Education Abroad website, there are four programs students can participate in. Exchange programs, UA faculty-led short-term programs, third party programs and direct enroll programs.

Exchange programs are partnerships between the UA and universities abroad, allowing students to pay UA tuition while studying in one of the partner institutions in other countries.

Next, UA faculty-let short-term programs are visits to foreign countries that are less than a semester and are led by faculty members, often taking place during school breaks. Depending on the program, students may be able to earn academic credit for departing on these trips.

Then, third party programs are study abroad opportunities that are not run by the University, but are run by organizations that UA is partnered with. Students pay for their program through the organization, and can still apply for grants and scholarships.

Lastly, direct enroll programs are opportunities that the student essentially constructs with the help of the Education Abroad office. Although it requires the most work on the part of the student, they have the option to enroll in almost any foreign University with a program for them.

Elena Ewing, a biomedical engineering major and Spanish minor, said studying abroad is a new experience where one must step away from everyday life in order to fully experience the a whole new culture.

Ewing went to La Universidad de Valladolid in Valladolid, Spain to complete her minor in Spanish. There, Ewing said she became part of a new family and everything that comes with a new family.

“I became a part of a family and experienced all that comes with that: food, traditions, television shows, conversations, love, worry, laughter.” Ewing said. “The political climate was different, complete with their own debates, issues, ideas, and candidates. The simple ways of life were different.”

To schedule an appointment with Education Abroad and work out a plan for studying overseas, students can head to their website, call 330-972-7231 or attend the Study Abroad Fair.
The next Study Abroad Fair is on Oct. 14, 2019 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Jean Hower Taber Student Union by Starbucks.

“The experience didn’t just change my worldview, it changed my life. I wouldn’t be the same person I am today without this experience,” Salopeck said. “I have a major appreciation for people who move to other countries permanently.”