The Vindys Perform at Music Box Supper Club to Sold-Out Crowd

In their first performance in the upper room of the Music Box Supper Club, this popular Youngstown band had a full house.

Band members John Anthony, Ed Davis and Jackie Popovec performing to a sold-out crowd.

LeKesha Parkman

Band members John Anthony, Ed Davis and Jackie Popovec performing to a sold-out crowd.

By LeKesha Parkman, Special Editions Editor

The Vindys proved themselves more than capable of providing guests with a spectacular experience on Nov. 1 during their performance at Music Box Supper Club in Cleveland.

According to guitarist John Anthony, the band’s live performance rivals their recorded music. 

The interplay between the members worked to keep the crowd engaged, while singer Jackie Popovic stunned the audience with her incredibly powerful and soulful voice. 

At one point during their set, the other members of the band left the stage while Popovic and guitarist Rick Deak kept the crowd’s attention during an intimate rendition of  “You’ll Never Know.” 

Audience members seemed transfixed by Popovic’s voice throughout the song as Deak strummed alongside her on stage.

Among those in the audience were John Gorman along with his wife Ravenna Miceli, a well known radio personality for the Cleveland based online show oWow radio.

Gorman, an author, radio executive and Chief Content Officer at oWOW Media, greatly enjoyed the performance. He believes they are one of the most talented bands to come from the Cleveland-Akron-Youngstown region. 

Gorman sums up the band’s performance and rise to fame by saying, “they have earned national success.”

Original songs, killer riffs and a visual ambiance that meshed perfectly with their style lead to an unforgettable experience. 

“Each member of The Vindys has a little different musical background and this helps to develop this different kind of sound that we have going,” Popovic said. 

The popularity of The Vindy’s is sure to continue expanding outside of the Northeast Ohio area. 

To learn more about The Vindys, visit their
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