All UA Students Encouraged to Participate in Volunteering

The times I have volunteered while at The University of Akron have given me some of my most valuable college experiences.


Jessica Ricks

In 2016, two of my former roommates, other students and myself helped clean up the facilities at the Akron BMX Track.

By Jessica Ricks, Arts & Entertainment Editor

In my last four years at The University of Akron, my personal favorite way to get involved on has been to volunteer.

Each of my volunteer experiences, from organizing donations in local Goodwills to passing out candy during
Boo at the Akron Zoo, have exposed me to the greater community and inspired a sense of purpose within me.

I believe that this is an experience that everybody should try to achieve while in college. Adam Beverly, the student involvement coordinator in the Department of Student Life, agrees.

Jessica Ricks
During Make a Difference Day 2018, I climbed into the box of
donations at Goodwill to help sort the items at the bottom.

“Each volunteer experience opens your eyes to real world issues happening around us and how nonprofit organizations strive to help,” Beverly said. “Students who volunteer have the opportunity to expand their views, meet new people and connect to the community.”

In addition, a
2015 study reported that undergraduate students who volunteered up to nine hours a week claimed to have lower levels of depression.

Another benefit of volunteering
according to Habitat for Humanity, is that it helps students transition into a full-time career. With volunteering can come exposure to new connections and career fields, as well as a stronger resume. 

The personal benefits that come from volunteering shouldn’t overshadow its impact on the community, though.

Beverly said while it does feel good to give back, volunteering is beneficial because it is a selfless act from which you can learn about others.

“It builds empathy for others and helps you understand your own privileges,” Beverly said.