Question: What is Your Opinion on the Impeachment Trial?

On the spot interviews about new topics each week!

Elizabeth Heckler

On the spot interviews about new topics each week!

By Elizabeth Heckler, Social Media Editor

Emma Harlukowicz, Freshman, Accounting

“Personally, I’m not that involved in politics, so I really don’t know that much going on with it.”

Derek Mohos, Freshman, Computer Engineering

“I don’t think it’s going to go through.”

Cara Bunner, Freshman, Biochemistry

“Even though a lot of people are saying it’s pointless, I think it represents a value decision of our country. It’s something that we need to make clear, that even if we can’t fully impeach Trump through the Senate and everything, I think we should still make it clear that lying and deception, those are not values of America.”

Willie Stabler, Freshman, Sports Management

“I agree to it. The way he’s been acting, failing to be a president, is outrageous.”

Kailey Maroni, Sophomore, Biomedical Sciences

“I don’t feel informed enough to have an opinion.”