Question: When Does a Person Become an Adult?

On the spot interviews about new topics each week!

Elizabeth Heckler

On the spot interviews about new topics each week!

By Elizabeth Heckler, Social Media Editor

Courtney Troyer, Sophomore, Pre-Law

“When they start living on their own, making decisions for themselves, and making their own money.”

Kyle Ferguson, Sophomore, Psychology

“Basically when they turn eighteen. You’re just kind of thrown into the responsibility of being an adult. You have to make your adult decisions, like what you want to do with your life.”

Delius Norman, Sophomore, Psychology

“When they take on different responsibilities, like living on their own. You do stuff to better yourself and other people, too.”

Elisse Von Duhn, Junior, Mathematics

“Once they take on the responsibilities of an adult. You can be eighteen-years-old, and if you still have your parents do everything for you, then are you really an adult?”

Adrian Mills, Freshman, Exercise Science

“When you don’t have to depend on anyone else for anything at all, including shelter and food.”