Question: Do You Prefer Cats or Dogs? Why?

On the spot interviews about new topics each week!

Elizabeth Heckler

On the spot interviews about new topics each week!

By Elizabeth Heckler, Social Media Editor

Vanessa Berlin, Freshman, Sports Management

“I have cats, so I like cats, but I like dogs as well. So, both.”

Princella Ackon, Sophomore, Exercise Science Pre-Physical Therapy

“Neither. I don’t like animals.”

Joshua Snider, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering

“I think dogs, but I have grown on cats recently. I think dogs, mainly because they love everyone they meet and you can just be friendly with them. But cats, their love is interesting. It’s like they grow on you. Their love is harder to get, so it seems more special when they come up and cuddle with you. But I’d still go with dogs, because they’re just fun with everyone.”

Jamel Bradley, Junior, Accounting and Forensic Studies

“I prefer dogs, because they actually look for affection, unlike cats.”

Precious Battee, Senior, Public Relations

“I prefer dogs, because I feel like cats aren’t friendly.”

Lindsey Massie, College Credit Plus Student, Marketing

“I would say I prefer dogs, because my mom’s allergic to cats and I’m allergic to cats. So I was never really around them much growing up. I think they’re cute as kittens, but I don’t like to sneeze from them.”