Pre-Law Society Provides Certainty During an Uncertain Time


Megan Parker

The Akron School of Law is one of a few Ohio law schools to now accept GRE scores as an alternative to LSAT scores.

By Madisyn Smith, Guest Writer

While the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has brought uncertainty, times are even more uncertain for political science major Abigail Siegfried as she graduates from The University of Akron and transitions to law school. 

Many other students are facing the same challenges. Big changes such as going to law school are tough in normal times, but COVID-19 is only making the transition more stressful.

As students seek a sense of stability in their academic lives, many are turning to their friends and peers for support. 

According to its members, the UA Pre-Law Society, a student organization for students who express a desire to go to law school, has been a great source of support throughout the semester. 

Members like active political science and Sociology major Kenneth Roberts, officers like Treasurer Colleen Schwartz and hopeful law school attendees like Siegfried share a common interest: an undying passion for law and public policy, as well as a desire to continue their academic career through law school. 

Similarly, they share a common challenge: planning their next big step.

“The process is intense,” Siegfried said. “You need to have so many different things in order all at once and it can be crazy and overwhelming.”

Of the many benefits of membership, the Pre-Law Society provides its nearly 100 student members with informative meet-and-greet sessions with law school representatives from around the nation.

This semester, the Pre-Law Society hosted sessions for Cleveland-Marshall College of Law and The University of Akron School of Law.

Pre-Law Society not only offers meet-and-greet sessions with law schools, but practice Law School Admission Tests (LSAT) and application help as well.

“I joined Pre-Law Society because of the LSAT practices they offer,” Roberts said. “I also wanted to meet more people in my field so I could possibly network.”

Consisting of nearly 100 members with advisors and law school representatives available, networking comes easy for Pre-Law Society members. Having members available for support or a conversation can ease the stress of choosing law schools and applying.

“It definitely makes you feel better knowing that you’re not alone and that there are other students going through the same struggles as you,” Schwartz said. “Even though we can no longer meet face-to-face, I still feel as if we all have each other’s backs and can count on each other for constructive advice.”

Although COVID-19 put a halt to Pre-Law Society’s physical meetings, members are still hard at work from home.

Siegfried is finishing up her law school applications, Roberts is practicing for the LSAT and Schwartz is ending the online semester strong.

“When this is all over, I can’t wait to continue what we started,” Schwartz said. “The officers and I miss helping other aspiring law students during our meetings, but we know everyone is just a call, email or text away.”