‘Filter Off’ Offers New Online Dating Method During COVID-19

Filter Off is the world’s first free video speed dating app geared towards those looking for an authentic lasting connection.


(Image via Pexels)

This new application provides users with a unique online dating experience through virtual speed dates.

By Mckenzie Uhrig, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Whether you are living in the dorms or commuting to campus, meeting someone new during the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t easy.

During a time where one’s ability to go out is limited, meeting people and dating has made a bigger move into an online format. Since then, there has been an increased need for an authentic virtual dating experience.

One application is working toward just that through matching people based on their personalities, rather than based a dating profile:
Filter Off.

Filter Off offers curated speed dates arranged by a matchmaker on the app, where users create a profile complete with their preferences and are then matched to potential suitors for 3-minute video dates. After the dates, users decide whether to match or pass on the suitor. 

“With Filter Off given its video, it’s a step above text messaging or speaking over the phone. The most authentic experience you can get without meeting in person,” Zach Schleien, co-founder of Filter Off, said. 

Signing up is simple: users write a short bio, add their favorite pictures and list up to three fun facts about themselves. Once the profile is complete, users can give the matchmaker their preferences for dates, based on a variety of questions. 

The matchmaker then finds a few matches that meet these preferences and, once matched, the suitor’s profile can be viewed and users can decide whether they want to go on the virtual date with them or not. Users only have five days to decide or the match expires. 

If both users decide they are interested and want to go on the date, then they can message each other to schedule a time for the virtual date. After the date there is an option to decide whether to give each other a thumbs up or thumbs down, and if both users like each other, they can continue using the app to chat. 

The app has another unique feature that allows users to join speed dating events, some of which are location based or based on your interests. Various organizations also host events, including non-profits and religious groups. The app allows you to subscribe to your favorite events, so you never miss them.

Filter Off also has a blog that offers tips on virtual dating, which can be accessed through their site or
here. The app is offered for free on the App Store or Google Play and is free, with no subscription or premium needed.