Free Asymptomatic COVID-19 Testing Available Across Campus


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Student Health Services is located in the Rec Center and requires appointments to maintain social distancing.

By Stephanie Fairchild, Social Media Editor

On Oct. 9, The University of Akron Health Services announced they would begin random testing for COVID-19 across the campus in order to be proactive in finding new cases and keeping the campus community safe.

Students and faculty that have been present anywhere on campus can be randomly selected and notified via email with a subject line that reads “COVID-19 Testing Program. You have Been Selected.”

UA Health Services defines the Random Testing Program on their website as, “a way to understand how SARS-CoV-2 is affecting campus by actively looking for where the virus might be hiding and where it might be moving.”

Random testing will allow Health Services to identify any hotspots and cluster infections across campus and allow rapid campus communication strategies to help protect students and faculty.

These tests are self-administered by taking a swab of both nostrils with the help of Health Services nurses and it only takes approximately 30 seconds to be tested.

Heath Services has since
expanded COVID-19 testing, now making the test available to any faculty, staff member, or student who is asymptomatic. Zips can call Health Services or visit their website to make an appointment.

To request a test, you must be symptom free and 90 days must have passed since your last positive COVID-19 test. There is no requirement to quarantine between your test and when the results are available unless you begin experiencing symptoms.

“I encourage all members of the campus community to consider being tested so that we can keep our fellow Zips safe,” UA President Gary Miller said. “It’s a selfless act of respect for friends, colleagues, loved ones, and the community.”

Miller and his wife Georgia recently completed asymptomatic testing ahead of a donor visit. Both tested negative and will continue to be tested regularly.

Asymptomatic testing is completely free for staff and faculty. Test results are expected within 48 to 72 hours and those who participate will only be contacted if they test positive.

For more information on testing or to schedule an appointment, contact UA Health Services on weekdays from 8 a.m. to noon and 1 to 5 p.m. at 330-972-7808.