UA’s Fashion Trendsetters

This is the first article in The Buchtelite spotlight column highlighting unique and fashionable outfits worn by University of Akron students and faculty on campus. Students and faculty can email their submissions to [email protected] to be featured in the column.


University of Akron students, Alex Evans and Jake Heflin. Jake: “What’s fashion?” Alex: “It’s whatever you want it to be.”

By Mckenzie Uhrig, Arts & Entertainment Editor

College of Business students, Alex Evans and Jake Heflin, were pictured flaunting their unique styles at 69 Taps on Paul Williams St. The couple of more than five years attract attention wherever they go with their contrasting, distinctive, and contemporary take on fashion. On this night, Alex was breaking in a new pair of platform boots. The sleek black design can match anything in a wardrobe, and the buckles add an edgy vibe that perfectly fits Alex’s personality. The boots were paired with a pair of textured grey skinny jeans and one of her favorite shirts, the trusty Mothman t-shirt, creating an effortlessly cool outfit. As a fourth-year information systems management student, Alex has learned that her style stems from pushing the boundaries while still staying true to their personality. 

When talking about her relationship with fellow UA student Jake, Alex said, “We met in high school and the University of Akron brought us together again.” 

Alex’s partner, Jake Heflin, is another fourth-year student here at UA in marketing management. Jake works as president of the lacrosse club and is always on the lookout for new recruits. Their contrasting styles is one of the reasons this UA couple is one of the most eccentric, quirky, and charming couples I know. Where Alex has a distinctive edge in all her outfits Jake prefers a more laidback approach to fashion. His style stems from a combination of comfort and convenience while giving off a dapper, polished aesthetic. He also had a lot to say about how much he loves his partner, stating that Alex is, “beautiful and wonderful.” 

The 2019 coronavirus pandemic altered the way everyone interacts in person; especially how students and faculty can interact. Fashion offers a neutral space for diverse groups to come together and collectively share cultural experiences. Fashion has been an important outlet for people across the world to communicate with each other in a safe way from a distance during the pandemic. Clothing can express different thoughts, opinions, beliefs, or ideals based on how it’s styled. Everyone has their own distinctive style; this column gives students and faculty the opportunity to exhibit their own styles and how it’s evolved and adapted through the pandemic.  

Students and faculty members are encouraged to participate in the “UA’s Trendsetters” column  at the Buchtelite to showcase their individual fashion sense and share how fashion helped them through the pandemic.