UA’s National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS) Competes with Kent State University in Canned Food Drive

Students can engage in a friendly competition with Kent State University to collect canned food for the University of Akron Campus Cupboard.


Image via Creative Commons

“KDKA food collection” by Don’t Be A Litterbug is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

By Elsa Veizis, Emily Price

The National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS) hosts a Canned Food Drive to collect resources for the University of Akron’s Campus Cupboard. All students and staff can donate to the NSCS Canned Food Drive until November 19, 2021 at 5pm. To participate in this event, simply locate the shopping carts placed in the Buchtel College of Arts and Sciences and the Department of Student Life office (located on the bottom of the Jean Hower Taber Student Union). 

“We’ve never had a canned food drive with NSCS before, but we’re hopeful to do something like this again and collaborate with more chapters of the NSCS at other universities” says President of the NSCS Abigail Geiser ’23. Kent State University (KSU) and its NSCS organization is also taking on the challenge and hosting a canned food drive. A friendly competition will transpire between these colleges for the canned food drive before the football game between KSU and the University of Akron. 

While this is the first time that the NSCS had a canned food drive event, it is certainly not the first time for the organization to be involved in community service. One of the previous community service events hosted by the NSCS was called Scarves for Harvest Home in October. Geiser explained how this event involved creating scarves to donate to the Harvest Home and Haven of Rest in Akron.  

Community events also offer great outreach opportunities for the NSCS organizations. “In our Scarves for Harvest Home event, a lot of the students brought friends who weren’t members of NSCS and so they got to learn a little bit about our organization and what we do,” Geiser says. 

The National Society of Collegiate Scholars is an organization by which students can get involved in community service opportunities like Scarves for Home and the canned food drive. Furthermore, the NSCS recognizes a student’s academic performance and gives them access to further resources and opportunities. “This organization has three main pillars of Scholarship, Leadership, and Service, and we have lots of scholarships and discounts that are benefits to becoming a member, so it was great to share our organization with other students while being able to give back to give back to the Akron community,” Geiser says. 

No matter what students can provide, it still makes a difference for other students who use UA Campus Cupboard. However, a wish-list has been posted online for those seeking specific guidelines. Canned soups, vegetables, and fruit are in high demand, as are various cleaners and hygiene products. Further information can be found on the Campus Cupboard webpage. 

  “Anything you can donate is great, even if it’s a single package of ramen noodles or one can of soup. We love that this event lets us give back to our own campus to other students through the Campus Cupboard, and we really just want to do something good for the community. With the pandemic it’s been hard to host community service events and projects since we can’t have large groups of people. We’re hoping that this canned food drive will give people a chance to participate in a service event, while also staying safe.” 

Is students want further information about the NSCS Canned Food Drive, they can contact Abigail Geiser at [email protected].