UA’s Women’s Studies Program Offers a Presentation About the Pandemic’s Effects on Motherhood on Nov. 19

The presentation will be given by Dr. Pam Schulze and is part of the Rethinking Gender Series.

By Abigail Geiser, Correspondent

The Women’s Studies program at the University of Akron plans to host a presentation called “What the Pandemic Taught Us About Motherhood” as part of their November Rethinking Gender Series on Friday, Nov. 19 from 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. in room 314 in the Jean Hower Taber Student Union. The presentation will focus on Dr. Pam Schulze’s research on mothers’ beliefs about infant and toddler development and care. Dr. Pam Schulze is the Director of the Center for Family Studies and a professor in the School of Social Work. 

Schulze’s research began when she noticed how the pandemic had affected families, specifically the women in families. 

“It revealed inequities and the disproportionate responsibilities women have in household care for family members, both elderly and children. Many women have had to drop out of the workforce [to take care of family members] and have a hard time going back,” Schulze said.  

Despite what Schulze has found in her research, she is hopeful for changes that might come to family life as a result of the pandemic.  

“Maybe [we provide] more support for childcare – an acknowledgment that we have to go about our work lives in a different way with family balance and working from home more,” Schulze said. 

Although this presentation focuses on women and family life, Schulze explained that this issue is bigger than just women. 

“It’s a women’s issue, it’s a gender issue, but it’s more than that,” Schulze said. “We need to think about the impact on the family.” 

The event is open to the public and is free for anyone who would like to attend.  

For questions or more information, contact Pam Schulze at [email protected]