Akron Cookie Company Serves Up Quarter-Pound Cookies in Local Markets

Travis Howe of Fat T’s Cookies says the business started as a “side hustle,” but has since become much more.


Image via Travis Howe

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By Abigail Geiser, Correspondent

Fat T’s Cookies main logo (Image via Travis Howe )

In 2017, Travis Howe never considered that making a cookie could change his life. Now, in 2022, he couldn’t be happier about that first attempt at a cookie. 

Travis Howe is the Chief Cookie Officer and founder of Fat T’s Cookies, a cookie company in Akron, Ohio. The company sells many different flavors of cookies in local grocery stores and markets: “OG” (chocolate chip), “Cereal Killer” and “Cookie Monster”. However, these are no ordinary cookies – each one is hand-weighed to be exactly a quarter of a pound.  

According to Howe, the idea for Fat T’s Cookies began as a “side hustle” inspired by “desperation and being hungry.” 

I had never baked in my life until that moment in June of 2017. All it was ever intended to be was a quick way to make money. When Cleveland Magazine informed me two months after baking for the first time that I was named the Top Cookie in Cleveland, they basically gave me the ultimatum of either being in the magazine and becoming an official business or let bygones be bygones and move in our separate directions.”  

Thus, Fat T’s Cookies was born.  

Howe’s experience with the business so far has been a whirlwind of hard work and success. Howe explained that his investment in the company impacted his social life, but that all the sacrifices have been worth it. 

Travis Howe selling Fat T’s Cookies (Image via Travis Howe )

It’s been a wild ride to say the least. I run every aspect of the business and very much enjoy having a job that is all-encompassing. I invested myself into the company completely from 2017-2021 and that took a hit on my social life, but I knew that the sacrifices that I was making for the short term would set up my long-term success.” 

Travis Howe, Chief Cookie Officer a founder of Fat T’s Cookies (Image via Travis Howe )

Top Cookie in Cleveland from Cleveland Magazine is not the only title Fat T’s Cookies has received since the company was founded in 2017. The business has also received titles such as Beacon’s Best: Bakery from the Akron Beacon Journal (2018), Best Cookie in Every State from The Daily Meal (2018), Best of CLE: Reader’s Pick from the Cleveland Magazine (2020), and Best Desserts from the Akron-Canton Hotlist (2020).  

Howe is also hoping to add a more permanent, brick-and-mortar location in Akron to his list of successes with Fat T’s Cookies.  

Howe’s advice to others who are considering starting a small business? Dedication. 

If you want to experience some success, put the time in. If you want to be the best, dedicate yourself to your business and the people who support it. Fat T’s Cookies would not be where it is today and will be in the future if it was not for the #FatFam,” Howe said.  

To learn more about Fat T’s Cookies or place an order, visit their website or social media.