Students Revamp University of Akron Pre-Law Society

By Savannah Johns, Correspondent

From left to right: President Mackenzie Syska, Secretary Meghan Schmitt, Vice President Blake Smith, Treasurer and Communications Director Alexis Curie. (Image via @akronprelawsociety on Instagram. )

For many years, The University of Akron’s Pre-Law Society thrived. The society met to gain perspective about the legal profession and prepare students for law school admissions. However, after the society’s leadership graduated, no one was interested in keeping this group running. This semester, a group of students has joined together to reinstate the society.

“The goal of this society is to create an organization that allows Pre-Law students to have a support system through the stressful times of LSAT studying, law school applications, and even undergraduate work,” said President Mackenzie Syska. “We will also provide close connections to the Blake McDowell Law Center, where their admissions team will help members through the application process.” 

The society plans to hold bi-weekly meetings on campus. The first meeting was held on March 7 in the library, but the turnout for this meeting was so large that the leaders are in the process of finding a more accommodating meeting space. 

Members can expect to see guest speakers, workshops with the law school and social events with like-minded students. 

At the first meeting, students were given helpful information and learned that a lot of preparation goes into applying for law schools. Having a group for support can impact students’ success in big ways: test preparation, application reviews or emotional support. Students can take this opportunity to gather and encourage each other.  

Dr. Marcin and Dr. McHugh are campus advisors who helped student leaders with the process of reinstating the society.  

“I recruited Alexis Currie, Meghan Schmitt, and Blake Smith, who are some of the most hard-working and motivated people I know,” said Syska.  

These individuals are the four officers of the Pre-Law Society. 

Anyone who is on the Pre-Law track or is interested in Pre-Law can join. All majors are welcome.

The society is hosted a launch party on April 6 at 5 p.m. at the C. Blake McDowell Law Center. The event included a tour of the school and refreshments. 

More information about the group can be found by visiting @akronprelawsociety on Instagram.