Insomnia Cookies Hosts Annual PJ Party to Welcome College Students Back to Campus

Among Insomnia’s 225+ bakeries nationwide, Akron’s cookie and ice cream store is inviting students to join a special event with the possibility of free treats.


Image via Insomnia Cookies

Woman in pajamas holding an Insomnia cookie. 

By Emily Price, Contributor / Copyeditor

Insomnia Cookies is hosting their Annual PJ Party for students. On Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2022, The University of Akron students can head to their local Insomnia Cookies store on 367 S Main St at 9 p.m. Those who arrive with PJs will receive a free classic cookie, no purchase necessary. 

Insomnia Cookies was developed in a dorm room by University of Pennsylvania student Seth Berkowitz and has since expanded into over 225 locations nationwide. The store is known for its ice cream and cookies, and typically serves its sweets late into the night. Most stores remain open for pick-up and delivery until 1 a.m. or later. 

Man in blue pajamas holding a box of Insomnia Cookies. (Image via Insomnia Cookies)

The Annual PJ Party for students began in 2019 and is “one of Insomniacs’ most craved experiences,” said an Insomnia Cookies spokesperson. “We expect this to be the biggest year yet and are excited to be offering Insomniacs some of our best deals of the year, including giveaways, exclusive merch, and other sweet surprises.” 

During this year’s pajama party, the store will be dropping the exclusive Deluxe Filled Ft. Sour Patch Kids ® cookie and Big Dipper Ft. Sour Patch Kids ® Bitz. These cookies will be available Sept. 20–Sept. 25 or while supplies last, the spokesperson says. 

Woman in pink pajamas holding stack of Insomnia Cookies.  (Image via Insomnia Cookies)

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“We are always looking for new and immersive ways to engage with our Insomniacs and help them to create connections over cookies,” the spokesperson stated. 

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