UA Dance Institute Offers Adult Ballet Classes for Akron Community

The classes are taught for all levels every Thursday by Dance Institute instructor Julie Schullo.


Image via Unsplash

Ballet dancer twirls in pointe shoes.

By Abigail Geiser, Editor-in-Chief

The University of Akron Dance Institute is offering adult ballet classes for UA students and adults of all  levels of experience. The classes are taught by Dance Institute instructor Julie Schullo in Guzzetta Hall 192 on Thursdays from 6:45 p.m. 8:15 p.m. for the full 15-week semester.  

This fall marks Schullo’s 22nd year teaching ballet classes for adults at UA.  

The ballet classes are designed as a standard hour-and-a-half structure, including a warm-up of barre exercises followed by dance combinations. No prior experience with ballet, or dance, is required to attend. 

“I like to teach to the abilities in my classes. There is going to be a wide range of students’ abilities and experiences in every class,” Schullo said. “Each student is going to be challenged and encouraged at their level.” 

Schullo’s flexible teaching style is not the only advantage of her classes. The evening time slot and flexibility with attendance is also a selling point, especially for adults with busy schedules. Students can register for the full 15 weeks of classes for $270, or register for “drop-in” classes and pay $20 per class. 

“Adult students can come and go however it fits their schedule. It’s great that there are both options, because as an adult, adulting can get in the way of our time,” Schullo said. 

As for dress code, Schullo recommends students wear something “comfortable” and “form-fitting” so she can see the lines of the body while instructing. Socks or ballet technique shoes work well as footwear. 

As much as the classes focus on dance, they have also provided lasting friendships for current students like Jennifer Avers. Avers began taking adult ballet with Schullo in 2014. 

“One of my favorite things about the class are the friends I’ve made. All of us have had a dance journey and we find comfort in our trials.” 

To start your own dance journey, contact the Dance Institute at [email protected] to register.