The Buchtelite Fall 2022 Magazine Edition ‘Getting Our Sh*t Together’ is on Stands Today


Alyssa Alexsonshk

Natalie Mowad and Abigail Stopka deliver The Buchtelite Magazine edition to campus.

By Natalie Mowad, Editor-in-Chief

In this edition, our members put together the magazine that we could manage. 

We tried to take changes in stride and we worked hard to put this edition out. During a mid-semester emergency meeting to plan out what was going to happen for the rest of the semester, I jokingly said that our theme should be “getting our sh*t together,” since that’s what we were doing.

We all laughed and then the room went silent. Everyone realized that that’s what we have all been doing for the past year if not the past two years. After coming out of a pandemic that threw the world upside down, our sh*t was everywhere but where it needed to be. As a student run paper, we were all struggling with every other commitment and the adjustment to life “as normal.” What better title and theme than one that describes every person in the world and especially college students?

On Tuesday, November 15, Abigail Stopka, video editor and I visited the Cleveland Plain Dealer, where they graciously publish our print edition, and created the accompanying video to show the campus how the paper is made. We also learned that print production continues to decline, but we wish it wouldn’t. Hold and reading physical media is an experience we want to keep alive. You can help by picking up and reading a copy of The Buchtelite magazine edition.

The Buchtelite hopes that you can relate to us and find a piece or two in this edition that you can connect with, because we now know – getting your sh*t together is hard.

Thank you for reading, 

Natalie Mowad,


Editor’s Note: Print editions are available in Kolbe Hall, Bierce Library, the Student Union, the College of Arts and Sciences building and Polsky Hall as of now. Editions will be delivered to other areas of campus this week.