Nominations for the UA Achievement Awards are due by 5 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 13

Student nominations are sought for the 2023 awards that will honor outstanding faculty, staff and contract professionals.


Courtesy of University of Akron

Buchtelite Advisor Julie Cajigas accepting the 2022 Outstanding Teacher Award.

By Natalie Mowad, Editor-in-Chief

The University of Akron Achievement Awards is an awards program held annually to honor UA faculty, staff, and contract professionals whose contributions warrant recognition.

Student nominations are especially encouraged.

“Student nominations are enthusiastically received by the Special Committee for Awards and Recognition as you have contact with so many members of our campus community on a daily basis,” Michelle Novachek, Coordinator at the Center for Gift and Estate Planning, said.

Students often have extensive first-hand experience with faculty that allow them to write a compelling nomination letter.

“Students also connect with many staff members and advisors across campus on a daily basis, who answer their questions, offer advice, and provide correct information for all of their needs,” said Novachek.

The nine awards include Outstanding Teacher (less than and more than 6 years of service), Outstanding Adjunct Faculty Member, Outstanding Researcher, Outstanding Mentor, Supporting the Student Experience Award, Community Engagement Award, Exemplary University Service Award, and the Diversity Award.

Ready to nominate someone who has made a major difference in your UA journey?

The first step is to draft a letter shorter than two pages about the nominee. Then, all that’s left is to complete the nomination form online and upload the letter.

“A successful nomination letter identifies the award candidates’ strengths and strong commitment to the campus community,” Novachek said. “Criteria for each award is defined on our website and naturally exemplified by our outstanding achievement award recipients.”

After the nomination is received, nominees are asked to submit their curriculum vitae or resume along with some brief materials in support of their nomination.

Novachek noted that the committee would also welcome student reviewers, who would volunteer to serve on one or more of the committees that select the award winners.

“The Committee also values your input during the review process,” she said.

The small committees that review awards and select winners do so quickly. Michelle Novachek doesn’t want students to be concerned about a massive expenditure of time.

“While your time commitment is minimal, your voice is invaluable,” she said.

Nominations for the 2023 awards can be submitted at the UA Achievement Awards Website until Monday, Feb. 13 at 5 p.m.

To volunteer to serve on an award review committee, contact Michelle Novachek at: [email protected]