Stevo's Ego: I'm not a fan

 Even a narrow-minded individual such as myself can understand some of the useful purposes of having a Facebook.

Even a narrow-minded individual such as myself can understand some of the useful purposes of having a Facebook.

I use it to communicate with friends and family who live far away and it’s a practical way to keep in touch.

But I have to be honest, I have no idea what the purpose of fan pages are.  What do they accomplish?

Yes, I have discovered over the years that I’ve apparently become a member of quite a few pages, yet every single one falls under the same scenario.

I joined them because someone invited me and there’s really no other logical explanation.

I’ve never left messages on any of them and I don’t even know what some of them are for.

In fact, I’m almost positive that I don’t even check out the pages once I’ve joined, and I certainly don’t care enough to read any of the comments.

So, what’s the purpose? Doesn’t Facebook have enough applications to keep everyone occupied and distracted?

I can’t understand why people join groups about taking naps.  Can’t you just put those things under your likes and dislikes sections?

As if we can’t get enough of reading those generic, misspelled descriptions of yourself, such as I just like hangin out, LOLZ, or my personal favorite, I like doing everything really. Really? Really? So, you like talking about theoretical physics too? Really! You can’t get anymore interesting than that? No one likes doing everything! You’re a liar!

Then there’s that stupid group about the rap guy.  People actually follow him around campus!

Obviously these people have even less to accomplish than he does if they have enough time to chase him around campus while he rhymes for anyone who cares to listen, and that’s the point: who cares?

You’re doing it all for what? So you can post something on a fan page and get lots of people to look at it?

Sounds like nothing more than a popularity contest if you ask me and if you’re spending all of your time working on Facebook fan pages, I’ve got some rather unsettling news for you: most people don’t look at them, so you’re not getting any more popular.

If you’re going to showcase something on the internet, the least you can do is make it something worth looking at.

Everyone likes taking naps; there’s not a single person who goes to school that doesn’t wish professors wouldn’t assign homework, and quite honestly, the rap guy annoys me.

In fact, I’m pretty sure he annoys everyone, so if you’re becoming a fan of him you’re just being hypocritical.

If you actually like him, chances are no one wants to be a fan of you for encouraging him, and you’re only adding to everyone else’s annoyance, so stop.

Do yourself a favor.  Finals week is coming up, so I propose a new fan page.  Title it this: I am going to study during finals week and I will not even look at this page.  Hey, I’ll even become the first fan!