Local band performs free for the sake of music

With the nation-wide recession still threatening the country, it’s a wonder anybody doing anything for free. Fortunately for Akron’s music scene, bands are still finding time to play shows free-of-charge.

Up-and-coming local jam band, Aliver Hall, has supported the free idea for some time now. Having established a local fan base at Annabell’s Lounge, Akron’s premier venue for free concerts, Aliver Hall still holds strong to the idea of free admission.

The member band is composed of lead guitarist Alex Hall, drummer Matt Johnson, rhythm guitarist Jim Tauscher, and bassist Spencer Cutlip.

During a typical concert, which sometimes lasts more than three hours, Aliver Hall performs a variety of original, improvisation-driven songs, as well as classic covers of bands such as The Beatles, Bob Dylan and the Grateful Dead.

I know for myself, playing in a band is something I do solely because it’s fun, said Alex Hall, who founded the band. As long as the passion and pure enjoyment of it outweighs the frustration you experience as a band, it’s worth it to me, no matter how much money I’m making or losing.

Recently, Aliver Hall has started to play different cities around Ohio in hopes of meeting new fans and getting the band’s name out to new people.

What we’ve been trying to do is establish ourselves in venues and some of the major cities in Ohio so we can build up our name that way, said Hall. Right now we’re interested in playing as much as we can and having fun.

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