Trunk or Treat provides safe halloween for local children

By: Samantha Hubble

Halloween is a time of spooks, tricks and treats.  This year, for the students at Leggett Elementary School, a school that hasn’t had trick-or-treating in a decade, it was just that.

The second annual Trunk or Treat event was held in the Leggett Elementary School gymnasium.  With close to 400 students in attendance, it was a busy night for participating student organizations.

“It was busy, I liked participating.  We ran out of candy after an hour,” RHC Representative Billy Renzelman said.  Renzelman had to drive to a local CVS to buy more candy to keep the eager trick-or-treaters satisfied while his group stayed behind to stretch out what supplies they had left.

“All we had left was one bag of Kit-Kats,” Spicer Hall Vice President Jayquan Thompson said.  The Spicer Hall Government group came to the event with 12 jumbo bags of fun-sized candy and even after a mid-event candy run, they left with only one bag.

“I liked [Trunk or Treat].  I had a lot of laughs,” Thompson said.

The Oct. 27 event would usually be held in the school’s parking lot, but because of the weather, the event was moved indoors.

Organizations came decked out in costumes ranging from characters from the movie Despicable Me to professors of Hogwarts.

Trunk or Treat works by people taking decorated cars into the school’s parking lot and the trick-or-treaters collect their treats from the trunks.  Though the weather this year forced everyone indoors, the children were still able to trick-or-treat.