Where in the world…are the Buchtelite newsstands?

By: Molly Gase

There are many newsstands on this campus that house our biweekly student newspaper, but where exactly are they?

The Buchtelite is available to students in many of the buildings that they live in, eat in, and take class in. The newspaper is located at the front desks of Spanton, Honors, Spicer, Bulger, Ritchie, Exchange and Gallucci residence halls. A stand is also present at the front desk of the apartment complex 22 Exchange. A stand is present near the Zee’s convenience store in Rob’s dining hall.

Four stands are located in the Student Union. Stands are located near the Starbuck’s entrance on the second floor, near the commuter lounge on the first floor, one near the entrance by the bank and the Barnes and Noble, also on the first floor, and one near the Subway on the second floor.

Other buildings that house a newsstand are Bierce library, the Administrative Services building, Kolbe Hall, Zook Hall, Buchtel Hall, Olin Hall, the College of Arts and Sciences building, the Rec center, Simmons Hall, the CBA, Buckingham, Folk Hall, Auburn, both North and South Schrank Halls and two locations in the Polsky building (by the Starbucks and within the Office of Continuing Education).

Newspapers are free to everyone and available in many locations around campus. All students of all majors are also welcome to write for the paper. The time commitment is what students make it, and the opportunity to be published is an asset on a resumes. Interested students are encouraged to email any of the editors listed on the staff listing, which is always printed in the news section of the paper.