“Rubbertop Review” Student submissions due Feb. 1

By: Amanda Layman & Molly Gase

The University of Akron offers an outlet for writers who wish to publish their work. This chance allows students to express their creativity and accomplish a dream of being published.

The “Rubbertop Review: An Annual Journal of The University of Akron and Greater Ohio” embraces traditional writing styles blended with more innovative styles from its contributors. Writers can submit works in fiction and poetry, as well as creative nonfiction.  Creativity is highlighted through the submissions, giving writers who live in or are connected to Ohio the ability to showcase their talents.  The journal features the best of the submissions.

The deadline for submission is Feb. 1.  With less than a week remaining to submit poems, stories and creative nonfiction, interested writers need to finalize their work for it to be submitted by the deadline. Work must be submitted by the deadline in order to be considered for publication.

The fourth volume of “Rubbertop Review” will have an “Ohio Connections” theme featuring interviews with songwriter Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys along with Iowa Prize winner Josh Rolnick.

This issue of the Review will be under new leadership, with Akron NEOMFA grad student Chris Drabick as this issue’s Editor-In-Chief.

The first three volumes of “Rubbertop Review” are available in the English Department, located on the third floor of Olin Hall.

English department faculty member Eric Wasserman, assistant professor of English and NEOMFA campus coordinator has worked extensively with the production of the publication. Wasserman enthusiastically encouraged students to submit their work.

“Anybody with an Ohio connection of some kind should send in their short stories, poems or essays or creative nonfiction pieces or memoirs, etc.,” Wasserman said. “[There is n]o need for you to live in Ohio or for the work to be about Ohio. [W]riters just need to have an Ohio connection (you decide what that is).”

Those interested in submitting work for consideration for the Review need to follow the proper procedure for submission. The piece should appear in the text of the email.

For fiction submissions, email [email protected]. Maximum word count is 4,000 words.

Submissions in poetry should be directed to [email protected], with a three-to-five poem limit.

Submissions for creative nonfiction writing should be directed to [email protected], also with a 4,000 word maximum.