Former Ohio State University coach named Vice President for Strategic Engagement at UA

By: Pamela Kellman
Former Ohio State University head football coach Jim Tressel has been named Vice President for Strategic Engagement at The University of Akron.

His role in the administration will focus on student success.

“I’m excited about being a Zip,” Tressel said after being introduced by President Proenza Wednesday morning. Tressel returns as an alumnus, having earned his master’s in education from UA.

During Akron’s recruiting for a head football coach, Proenza said he “began an exciting conversation” with Tressel and learned their vision for student success was extremely alike.

Tressel is excited to translate his coaching legacy to Akron’s Vision 2020, a new standard of performance that links the University with the surrounding community.

“I’ll be coaching every day…that’s not out of my blood,” Tressel said. “The part I missed the most wasn’t game day, but the day-to-day working with the staff and the players.

“The first thing I’m going to do is listen and learn. I’m part of the team. I’m not offensive coordinator or defensive coordinator; I’m part of the team,” Tressel said.