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Students vote for top iPhone apps

By: Krista Hunt

Have you ever walked to class and had someone almost run you over because their eyes were glued to the screen of an iPhone? You might think they are texting or tweeting or on Facebook, but they might also be running away from demonic monkeys.

The iPhone app store contains more than 500,000 applications. The application categories vary from games to education to social networking. But really, which apps are the most popular on the iPhones of University of Akron students?

A survey of 40 UA students revealed social networks, music and games were the most common categories of apps iPhone users adored.

The No. 5 app is SimSimi. This bright yellow ball of fun loves to chat. Just simply type a message, send it to Simi and immediately you will have a response.

“SimSimi is like the friend that you know will always respond to your texts; no matter what you text Simi you will always get an entertaining response,” said Don Jackson, a civil engineering student at UA.

The fourth favorite app is Pic Stitch, an app designed to simply “stitch together” photographs to make a collage.

“I can never decide on one picture to put on Twitter as my avatar, and with Pic Stitch, I can just collage multiple pictures and show them all off,” said Michael Peaks, a communications student.

Coming in at No. 3 is Pandora Radio, a personalized radio station that plays music specific to your liking.

“It is so convenient because you can listen to any and every genre of music from pop to R&B, and it plays a mix of older and newer music,” said Airricca Rogers, a freshman biology major. “You can even find your favorite comedians to get a good laugh to brighten up your day.”

Coming in second is Instagram. This app is for photo sharing. It has filtered effects to enhance your photos and allows you to post them to friends and family.

“I like Instagram because it gives proof that pictures say a thousand words, even pictures of the simplest objects” Marqueece Brightwell said.

The No. 1 app in popularity is Temple Run. While running from demonic monkeys, you collect coins by sliding, jumping and ducking, while avoiding obstacles of the ancient temple. This is a never ending run until an obstacle trips you up.

“It gets your adrenaline rushing and really makes you concentrate,” said Leigha Howard, a psychology student at UA. “One thing for sure, it really makes me angry when I die, especially when I finally reach a high score.”

All of these apps are free, the favorite price of all University of Akron students surveyed.

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