Akron offers multiple locations for STD testing

By: Anna Stockall

Chlamydia, syphilis, HPV and genital warts all are dangerous sexually transmitted diseases men and women can acquire. These sexually transmitted diseases, commonly known as STDs, can have varying forms and effects, making testing for them of great importance.

University of Akron students can be tested quickly and easily for little cost at The University of Akron Student Health Services, located in Suite 260 at the Wellness Center. Fees vary depending upon the services rendered.

Free male condoms are available from Health Services. Students should note that there will be free HIV testing available for UA students Thursday. Students should call to make an appointment for this testing through UA Student Health Services at 330-972-7390.

Another option is the Planned Parenthood Health Center at 444 West Exchange Street. Planned Parenthood recommends yearly STD screening. Fees vary at the center. The center provides a free exam packet for both males and females, and the Planned Parenthood Health Center can be contacted at 330-535-2671.

The Summit County Health Department STI Clinic at 177 S. Broadway is another option.  The clinic is located inside the John Morley Health Center Building.  The clinic offers $l0 STD testing and offers free medication with a positive result. The phone number for the Summit County Health Department’s clinic is 330-375-2772.