UA's treasures in the learning landscape

Written by: Kayleigh Bracht

Many students come to The University of Akron each semester, but quite a few of them fail to discover its hidden treasures right away. These treasures can be quiet places to study or the best places to go for lunch.

During the warmer months, students are usually looking for a nice place to hang out of doors without all the noise of all those passing by. There are places located in between buildings that are shady and provide space to relax after class.

“There is like a little amphitheater behind CAS [College of Arts and Sciences], and I like to go there and relax when it is warm and stare at the sky,” said Brandyn Davis, a sophomore education major.

Behind the Honors Complex Residence Hall, there is also a large, grassy area where students can hang out. Students are also often seen hanging out by the fountain in the middle of campus between Bierce Library and the Honors Complex.

For those who can only focus on their studying when indoors, Bierce offers many desks and separated areas where students can do their homework or get some studying done.

“I enjoy the third floor of the library,” said Kyle Wertz, a junior communications major. “I can get a good nap in, as well as get some work done without tons of people around. It’s quiet.”

Another quiet place is the third floor of the Student Union. There are chairs with attached tables where students can sit down and work on anything they need to or even meet up for a group project.

Besides places to hang out, the University also offers a variety of activities and competitions.

The Student Recreation and Wellness Center plays a big part in many of these events. They host challenges that promote physical fitness, as well as intramural sports. The Recreation Center even offers kayaking and a rock-climbing wall, which is something most other campuses do not possess.

After studying and spending some time at the Recreation Center, grabbing lunch may become a favorite part of the day. The Market in the Student Union offers a homestyle buffet almost every day that offers macaroni and cheese. Many students on campus agree that this macaroni and cheese is a hidden treasure of the University.

“The mac and cheese in the Union is awesome sauce,” said Kevin Pitts, a communications senior.

The University possesses other treasures, but not all of the current students are willing to give them away. They believe it is almost a right that must be earned by joining clubs and extracurricular activities.  They encourage new students to look for things themselves and share them with friends, and in return, a new friend may share their treasures with them.

Treasures are usually uncovered when a person is not looking for them, so exploring the University and trying out different things and places before choosing something and sticking with it for the rest of the semester is usually a rite of passage.